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Saint Joseph's Convent School


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Saint Joseph's Convent School is a co-educational high school located at Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, India. The School was founded by Fr. John Peter Medaille (Founder of the Sisters of St Joseph) on 1650. The school is run by the sisters of st. joseph and has completed more than 100 years in its continued service to the academic world.

The institution is a centre of high education and excellence. It has a beautiful located campus at the heart of Sagar's education district and is divided into two main sections, the Sishu Bhavan (Pre-School) and the High School (Primary, Middle & High School). The centre is equipped with best facilities for its students called Josephites. The School has a good campus, play-ground, a big central library, canteen and mess, computer laboratory, cultural activities hall etc are just some of the features of convent school. Thus the school is the limelight of Sagar city.

SJC Sagar

Convent Campus View
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